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August 12, 2005


So, finally it begins. It's always fun to look at a big poster full of actors you don't know, and to know that you'll have the details of all their characters memorised in a few short weeks. Thus it is with Lost - there are several good looking men and women, some white, black, asian. There is a fat character, a boy, an oldish bald man, and a hobbit.


I have now seen the first two episodes, and I know that the hobbit is actually a rock musician with a drug habit. The boy has just lost his mother to cancer and is with his estranged father. The dark haired woman was a prisoner in hand-cuffs during the flight, but she's actually a pretty nice person. The tough-looking guy with the short hair and white shirt is a doctor and very good in a crisis indeed, and he has a big tattoo on his shoulder. There is an Iraq soldier who fought against the US in the Gulf War, but seems to have changed sides now. And the pregnant woman, is, well, still pregnant. There are about 14 major characters in all, we don't know many of them that well yet, some haven't even spoken any English.

Learning about the secret past lives of the people is a big part of this series. It's obvious that nobody will really be who they appear. It's also probable that the accident wasn't even that. But I'm getting ahead of myself here - just what is the plot?

We first see our characters escaping from a passenger airliner that has crashed on a remote island in the south Pacific. There are over fifty survivors, and at least one person is seriously injured. As they pull themselves together and wait for rescue, they hear weird sounds coming from the jungle, and the tress sway as if there is a big monster in there.

Some survivors go to look for the front section of the plane which has fallen some way away, to try and find a transceiver to radio for help. They find the pilot, still alive after 16 hours, and he tells them that they were completely off course, so potential rescuers will be looking for them in completely the wrong place. The weird noises start again, and then...well, I won't give too much away, but it isn't pretty.

Knowing that there are 25 episodes, and that a second series is in the pipeline, puts me in the notion that this band of people are going to be spending quite some time together on the island. Something really odd, and dangerous, is going on there with the wildlife. No one is quite what they seem, and factions will develop within the group with plenty of scope for tension.

All in all, it's a nicely acted piece of drama, with great potential, and essential Wednesday night viewing.

Posted by se71 at August 12, 2005 02:33 PM


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