October 18, 2007


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We've been looking at automatic coffee machines for some time, and last weekend a rather good salesperson at John Lewis persuaded the purchase of this Magimix Nespresso one.

It came accompanied by a small milk heater, so that you can make espresso and also fancy capuccino or pretty much any other coffee you like. It's even ideal for making hot chocolate and the milk heater has a little whisk inside that foams everything up nicely too.

I've never actually been much of a fan of espresso - usually I want to sip my coffee for a while, and I never take milk, but the rest of the family wanted this, so we got it.

And today, I actually found an excellent use of our new machine for me. I have about five minutes usually in the morning between being fully dressed ready for work, and leaving the house. As a black coffee drinker, that just isn't enough time. But, as a Nespresso drinker, I was able to prepare everything and have a shot of morning caffeine in less than three of those precious pre-dawn minutes. It comes out hot, but not boiling, so can be knocked back in a couple of gulps. Excellent rocket fuel before I hurtle down the road on my bike to the station.

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