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August 13, 2009

Watchable Films

I watch quite a lot of films, and have restricted my TV viewing now to mostly just crime/SF TV series like "The Wire" or "Lost", and movies.

Realising that I write here much less than I used to (blame Twitter/Facebook), I thought I'd do a quick post about films that I've watched several times, and always seem to watch again if they turn up on TV late at night. These are not necessarily the best films in the world, just ones that can stand repeat viewings, and never seem to get boring.

Most watched is probably The Fifth Element

Closely followed by The Matrix

Anything with Clint Eastwood or Bruce Willis is likely to stop me switching off/over - Die Hard is the best Christmas movie ever made.

The Princess Bride is so full of great dialogue that you can step in and out at any section and really enjoy it.

Well, that's my short list. Notable mentions to any Zucker brothers' films, (Airplane etc) as well.

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