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February 23, 2009

Movies I Haven't Seen

Movies I haven't seen that you might expect I have:

The Dark Knight
Pirates of the Caribbean
Army of Darkness
I, Robot

If you know me, then there are some obvious films that you'd expect me to have watched. I even can't quite believe some of the massive gaps in my viewing. In the last six months I've watched the complete Karate Kid Quadrilogy (did you even know there were four of them :-) and yet, the billion dollar movie "The Dark knight" remains unseen. What on earth is wrong with me?

[I will add more here as I think of them, and hopefully make an effort to remove some, as I really do want to see them. I even have some of these on disc at home.]

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This is a tremendous film, easily my favourite of the year so far. [1]
I know you'll find this hard to believe - it has quite a few things going against it. Jean-claude Van Damme isn't known for great art, or great acting and it's almost completely in French with English subtitles. But what makes it work, and why I loved it, is how it mixes real life with fiction, messes about with time lines to reveal itself to us in different ways, and, of course, has the very excellent Mr. JCVD himself giving the best performance of his life.

Did you see "Being John Malkovich"? There are very valid comparisons to that movie, where the lead actor plays a fictionalised version of himself. This one doesn't have any of the weird science fictional aspects though, it's all played completely straight.

Very briefly, the plot. A fading action movie star returns to his native country to try and recover from a divorce and custody battle for his daughter. He is short on money, short on good movies to act in. We see him enter a Post Office, and soon after, there are shots - it's a robbery.

From this opening we are constantly kept guessing - first about what is happening inside, and then how it will all play out in the end. It is a fantastic, funny, tragic and exciting ride. It is also shot in a sepia tinged way that make it look moody and rough, and looks great on Blu-Ray on a big screen TV.

I urge you to see it - there will not be a film it again. The six minute monologue straight to camera is unbelievable, and yet, it exists.

[1] though there isn't that much competition to be honest in the department.

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