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November 03, 2006


Click has a very narrow range of target viewers - probably 13 to 17 year olds. Children under this are excluded by the 12A certificate, and anyone older will fail to find funny yet another dog humping a stuffed toy joke.

Adam Sandler is overworked by a dictator boss (David Hasslehoff, who is overacting his heart out). He longs for a way to get some more time, and when he is given a mysterious remote control thinks he has found the answer. This remote can pause, fast-forward, and replay time. The exact way this happens is a bit glossed over - in fast-forward mode for example, his body is there, and responds to people, but isn't really sentient. In some fast-forward episodes however, he manages not only to keep his job, but get promoted, hardly likely.

Of course, it all goes wrong, and the remote starts to do things on it's own, and Sandler starts missing big chunks of his life. It starts funny, and turns tragic and what we end up with, is a moral tale a bit like 'A Christmas Carol'. We are told to enjoy the time we have, put family first, and not work so hard. Laudable indeed, and not overcoated in sugar, it's a really hard-hitting lesson.

With a few alterations (the crude humour and the internal inconsistencies of the device mostly) this could have been a really charming story. It could have been a big event, a future clasic even. Sandler is a capable actor, his co-stars also perform well and it is very moving at the end. But the vision was just too small, the cheap laughs spoil it, and a fantastic opportunity was missed.

Posted by se71 at November 3, 2006 11:03 AM


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