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January 31, 2006

Unlimited Internet

What does unlimited mean?

To me it means, as much as you like/want, no limits. For internet access I'd expect to be able to turn my PC on, and start downloading at whatever speed I have paid for, and never stop.

To Vodafone it means 1Gb download per month on their mobile 3G network.

This really pisses me off. It's a stupidly small number these days, I could easily get through that in a day or two. Don't we have a Trades Descriptions Act or something to stop people selling services in a misleading fashion.

I had the same argument a couple of years back when I signed up with BT Anytime. I used it to dialup with my modem, and stay on all day long. That's what 'anytime' meant to me. They started sending me threatening emails saying it wasn't fair to other users. They introduced a limit of something like 6-8 hours a day, and so I cancelled my account with them, purchasing broadband instead and from a different supplier. I chose Nildram, who also advertised Unlimited Broadband, but recently I notice my Ts & Cs have been changed to include a NewSpeak 'Fair Use" clause. As soon as I get some nice round tuits, I'm switching again.

So, if you're not really going to sell unlimited internet, why are you allowed to advertise it!

[update 24.01.2020] Broadband nowadays really does come with unlimited data. I've had both Sky (for 7 years) and now BT, and I stream as much as I like. If I decided to bittorrent massive files all day long I don't know what would happen, maybe they would notice. However, there are some caveats on mobile networks. I'm with Giffgaff, and their new guidelines allow you to pay for an amount (say 20Gb) and this will be full speed for the month, but once you've hit this limit, you can still download, it just gets throttled in speed during the day (8am-midnight).

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Good approach

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