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March 27, 2005

Dr Who

Dr Who is back. I'm still confused about the 'Who' bit, as he never introduces himself that way - just "The Doctor".

Anyway - happily, after several months nail-biting anticipation, it's really very good.

Having followed Christopher Ecclestone's career since Shallow Grave, I was worried about his suitability for this role. I've always found him a bit serious and introverted. He seems to have completely changed however, both as an actor and off screen too (The Johathan Ross interview spent quite some time discussing his sticky out ears for example). He is much less serious. There is humour and self deprecation that makes him likeable. And yet, his past roles are helping this one. We can see that he can be hard when he needs to be, is capable of cruelty (he doesn't tell Rose her boyfriend might still be alive). So even when the program veers into slapstick with a disembodied arm trying to strangle the Doctor and Rose, the danger is not diminished completely.

The story this week was pretty weak. It was about an alien race trying to take over the Earth by animating all the plastic (especially showroom dummies for some reason) to kill humanity. Rose is a worthless young woman with a crap job, a useless boyfriend, and no future. She lives with her equally unambitious mother, and no father (of which more in later time-travelling episodes). The Doctor bumps into her a few times in his attempts to save the world, and eventually she shows her only talent (gymnastics) to save him and the world. They head off in the TARDIS time machine for next week's adventure

But the story wasn't important, it was just a vehicle to get the stars together, and most importantly, draw in a new generation of viewers. I am able to report that it worked for my two children, who weren't so scared they had to hide behind a cushion, but did find it exciting and fun. The new Doctor is very different from past incarnations, which is a good thing as he'd become far too much of a dandy. Billy Piper as Rose is actually convincing as his bimbo airhead assistant (who'd have thought it!)

The action gets more serious in later episodes, which is as it should be. The special effects are much better than before - not Hollywood standard, but not embarassing. And there are going to be Daleks!

I'm very much looking forward to the rest of the series.

Posted by se71 at March 27, 2005 08:13 AM

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