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October 14, 2002

She's All That

Poor remake of Pygmalion in a US High School

Dead certs for prom king and queen, you know the types, split up only weeks before their crowning. Freddie Prinz Junior is the big-headed football captain in question, and he says to his friends that he will have no problem getting another girl to be queen with him. Thus a bet is proposed, and the friends pick a bookish mousey outsider as his challenge. We all know where this is going; we know that when she takes off her glasses and lets her hair down, she will be stunning. We know that the bet will get found out and she will be really mad with the boy. We know that he will discover that he really loves her. This is a tried and tested formula, and all we need are a few good one-liners, embarassingly amusing situations, and a happy ending to send us away smiling. Unfortunately the laughs just aren't there, and there is a rather unpleasant embarassing situation involving one of Prinz's so-called friends trying to double cross him by pretending to like the girl too.

A rather unsatisfactory film, which has all been done before and since, and done much better.


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